Sponsoring Education

In March of 2012, we funded the education of 4 girls at Samnabad College who were not able to complete their education due to financial constraints. It was the first project of our organisation to extend the funds of the privileged masses to the underprivileged masses. It might not appear to be a big project, but it gave us the motivation and the drive to continue along a similar albeit more challenging path.
In May of 2012, we funded the education of 12 students at Baithak School for an entire year and the education of 20 students for one month. This ensured that around 30 students got a quality education for one month in an unrestrained manner.

In May of 2014, we funded the education of 20 girls at Al-Mashriq High School for one year. These girls were forced to leave school as a result of financial pressure from their families and were asked to work to support their families. Dream to Education for All extended a helping hand to these girls and their families because we believe that each educated girl can bring about an educated family.