Qadam Community School

In March of 2016, we took a small ‘Qadam’ to establish a school in heart of Green Town; a neighbourhood inhabited by diverse cultural and religious groups, who form the lowest economic echelon of society. The school currently hosts 40 students at elementary level. We want to impact our students from basic level so they are fashioned to think creatively and individually from the beginning. The school has three full-time female teachers who are trained by DEA to create a conducive environment for students. The school is well-equipped with all the basic facilities to ensure uninterrupted teaching. We use audio/visual aids in classrooms, and the class lectures include interesting activities for kids. We intend to use this space as a community centre where we can engage with the community at large. We believe that any effort to bring quality education to these kids can’t fully translate into developing their characters unless we involve everyone; the parents, siblings, neighbours and community members, in this process. We envision the community centre to be a safe space where we can discuss the social issues that affect the lives of our students and people close to them. Especially the issues pertaining to gender discrimination, which result in high female dropout rate, domestic violence and forced marriages at a young age. We also intend to extend the school to the kids involved in child labour in form of flexible schooling in evening. We need funds and your support to expand our activities to everyone in need in our neighbourhood.
To register a visit to the school or to extend a helping hand to kids contact us at:

Jasir Shahbaz

Talha Ahmad
0321- 7078177