Curriculum Development

This program aims to revive the curriculum standards of low-cost private schools. Keeping in view the different standards of books that are printed by different publishers, we aim to recommend certain books to students that are easy to understand.
For this, a special analysis is carried out, where we gauge the standard of the previous books that the students in that particular school were being taught and simultaneously work to find new books for children which demonstrate certain concepts with pictorial details. These new books also use other innovative methods; thereby, encouraging and instilling creativity.
Currently, we have not only recommended new books to Hira School, a low-cost private school in the outskirts of Lahore but have also donated 450 new books to them.
For our main project, Qadam Community School, we have a thoroughly thought out syllabus for all three levels i.e. Level 1 (Pre-Nursery), Level 2 (Nursery) and Level 3 (Kindergarten).