Bag a Child

This program will provide school bags containing stationary items and note books to students who can’t afford to carry a bag to school. This is to restore every student’s right to a decent bag, notebooks and necessary stationary items. During our visits to various schools of under privileged students and during our summer camps we have witnessed students carrying books in their hands or in shopping bags, and they don’t have access to small cheap items such as lead pencils or erasers. It was not only a heart wrenching sight but also depicted the extreme of disparity in our education system. Anyone who is willing to embark upon the journey of getting education should have these basic rights fulfilled. These students lacked facilities but they were making an effort to learn, some of them even worked in evening to make ends meet. They have done their part by coming to school now it is our responsibility to provide them quality education.
A Bag will cost Rs 500
Each Bag will contain three notebooks one for mathematics, English and Urdu respectively along with a pencil box containing necessary stationary items.
We plan to reach out to 200 children in first phase, where as in each successive campaign number of bags will be increase by twice.