Our Team

Jasir Shahbaz


Jasir Shahbaz adheres to the belief that each member of our society should act responsibly and contribute towards the society by taking a leap; even it is of a smaller kind. He is doing Bachelors in Economics from Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS). He is an active member of Seeds of Peace and has attended its international camps in 2011 and 2013 in the capacity of a seed and peer support respectively. The former introduced him to the concept of embracing different ideologies and identities whereas; the latter trained him on how to bring a positive change in our community. He has been involved in arranging free medical camps, mock Parliament, and working as a moderator in inter-faith harmony camps. He has been the secretary of community service club at Lahore Grammar School, johar town. Jasir has keen interest in writing, and because of his exceptional oratory skills, he is serving as a president of English reading group at Lums Literary society and an assistant director of creative writing at Lums daily student. He founded Dream to EFA in 2011 to bring radical change in the lives of children who could not learn because of their financial problems. He has headed most of the donation campaigns in Dream to EFA in order to fund as many children as possible. In order to expand the organisation’s activities, he envisioned to implement a more technical project, Afzaish, in which courses like creative writing, arts, dramatics, public speaking to name a few were introduced in order to help students, express themselves in a better manner. He is serving on the board since 2011.

Talha Ahmad

General Secretary

Talha Ahmad brings with him, on board, a diverse experience that ranges from business conferences and youth forums to community work. He is doing Bachelors of Sciences in Economics from Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS). Talha has attended various business conferences including the International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Business Management, Pak-India Trade Normalisation and HR Confluence to name a few. He has keen interest in participating in youth and leadership forums such as Pakistan Youth Congress, AIESEC and National Youth Peace Festival to have a profound understanding of the social issues that affect our society and the work that needs to be done in order to cater those issues. Apart from Dream to EFA, he has volunteered at Special Education & Training Centre and Akhuwat. He was the core team member in Akhuwat Internship Programme- 2013. He was the head of communication department and was involved in policy making of Dream to EFA. He worked as a Lead Coordinator and the subject head of spoken English course in Afzaish Summer Camp-2014, which was the first initiative of Dream to EFA to address the quality issues in our education system. He is serving on the board since 2012.

Yousaf Noor


Yousaf Noor is doing Electrical Engineering from the Hong Kong University. Because of his utter dedication and incomparable academic results, he earned 130% scholarship from the Hong Kong University. He was placed in the top ten students all over Pakistan in the National Science Talent Contest after passing rigorous tests. Yousaf was an intern at the Teng Engineering Cooperation where he used to visit sites and overlook labour activities. He has been involved in collecting donations and spreading the message of Dream to EFA. He is also credited for his vision to establish Dream to EFA back in 2011. He was the subject head of science course in Afzaish, where he mainly focused on making children learn rather than to rote science concepts. He is serving on the board since 2011.

Ahmed Mujashea

Secretary Finance

Ahmed Mujashea had an outstanding career in academics and is now pursuing his studies for Charted Accountancy from Professional Academy of Commerce. He has been busy in collecting donations for Dream to EFA and funding unprivileged students in schools and colleges. He also manages the expenditures related to the administration in Dream to EFA and works in drafting proposals for donation campaigns. Ahmed is also serving as a member of Social Welfare Society at PAC and works for uplifting the situation of those who are in need. He was the subject head of Ethics and Civic Sense course in Afzaish, which was taught in order to make children understand the basic ethics and the responsibility which they owe towards the society. He is the founder at Manners, an online platform to further promote this cause. He is serving on the board since 2011.

Minahil Tauqir

Public Relations Coordinator

Minahil completed her O levels from Convent of Jesus and Mary and is now doing her A-levels form Lahore Grammar School, Defence. She has not only remained interested in the welfare of the community, but has also taken an active role in ensuring it. Her active participation at non government organizations such as Rising Sun and SOS have given her the experience to cope with many challenges and have honed her skills of perception and understanding others, which make her both easy to get along with and the right person to complete a task with meticulous perfection. None of her motivation has gone to waste in the past, as she has never shied away from hard work, and it can be understood as a statement of fact that none of it will go to waste in the future.

Zara Javed

HR Coordinator

Zara is a former Conventarian, currently doing her A – levels from Lahore Grammar School Defence.
Driven by her conscience to make an impact in the society, she has actively volunteered at a number of institutes such as SOS and Rising Sun. Working closely with less privileged children has further motivated her to play her part in bringing positive change in our community. Her strong interpersonal and communication skills are her strength which helps her in getting along with people. She is determined to make an effective contribution towards eradication of illiteracy from the society.