According to a latest report by UNESCO, Pakistan has almost 5.5 million children that are out of school. This is sadly the second highest number in the world and if one look around, the main reason would be the lack of resources. This initiate severe crisis like child labour. Dream to Education for All was founded in 2011 in order to address this issue of illiteracy. We, at Dream to EFA bridge the gap between privileged and underprivileged class, and inculcate in them feeling of responsibility towards community. This organisation has now taken a broader approach and is now working to train teachers and establish camps for children. Our aim is not only restricted to educate a child but to educate masses because we believe that each person affects the community in which he lives in. Every child has a reason to live, a role to play and a responsibility to take care of; so, let’s give them the opportunity to develop themselves and be a better member of their family, their community, their country and the world in which they live in.

Dream to Education for All is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860.

We envision broadening our organization by managing more camps, teacher training, workshops and creative expression programs. We can enroll more students in schools by funding their education but we have to ensure that they get access to not only education but quality education. The organisation also hopes to establish a school of its own where deserving children can get quality education for free.

UNDP Pakistan

Source: UNDP Pakistan